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Volunteer Program

Volunteers propel us and bring a constant breeze of fresh energy.

We are lucky to always have friendly, curious and hardworking people here from all over the world who come to learn what we do and share their knowledge and skills with us.

Some volunteers stay a week, others maybe a few months. No matter how long they have stayed, they have all left a part of themselves here and taken unforgettable memories with them.

The volunteer program is a wonderful way to get to know the Colombian countryside and life in the eco-farm. Volunteers work roughly 5–6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The work is varied and depends on the project we are doing on the farm at that time and also on the willingness and interests of volunteers.

You can garden, build construction, work with the lawnmower, pick fruit (usually mangos and oranges), take care of animals, do an art project, teach English, and much more. Volunteers receive accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals a day for work, Monday through Friday.

During the weekends we try to have fun together in some way, for example we explore the surroundings, we bathe in the rivers near here, we cook together or we go dancing in Anapoima.

We usually have a few volunteers at the same time. We spend time here together, we exchange stories and experiences.

Daily volunteer rate 7 $ (includes – Food Monday to Friday and lodging)


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